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Effective business presentations, that is what sells the speaker

Many people see a business presentation as an event bringing with it huge amounts of stress, and not entirely foreseeable reactions of listeners. While every public speech shines a specific purpose and expected effects, it does not all the speakers manage to grab the audience and convince customers to their case, much less get them to the desired action or behavior. Is there a model presentation? What will be the professionalism of the presenter and to what extent it determines your results? Is it possible to enjoy the public presence, and at the same reliably and effectively present your offer?

Trainer: Eve Palczak


Business Plan your guide in the company’s strategic objectives

Learning objectives: provide participants practical knowledge about the functions, features and structure of the business plan; distinction between vision, mission and business strategy skills, self-making components of the Bishop, an indication of the various factors influencing the effectiveness of Bishop, practical design and editing of some components of bp.

Coach: Jane King – Chmurska


Advertising and PR – how to exist and function effectively in business.

Practical training for the owners of companies, employees and marketing of all the organizations in which there are specialized departments of public relations, and budget for promotional activities does not allow for the involvement of a professional PR agency. During the training, participants will learn how to use a variety of techniques and tools for PR promote their own company or brand and how to consciously create and manage your image to stand out in the market and succeed in business.

Trainer: Eve Palczak


Harassment – a fashion or a serious threat to society?

The training for both students – future workers, and representatives of employers and business owners. During the training will discuss the basic definitions of the phenomenon, existing employers and employees. Participants acquire the ability to distinguish bullying from other pathological phenomena in the work environment as well as the usual attempts to wrongly accuse your employer of bullying. Issues raised will also be responsible for bullying as well as its costs and consequences for victims, businesses and society.

Coach: Anna Niedziółka


Be an effective, how to increase their efficiency without stress

The training is to prepare participants to increase their own efficiency and reduce the stress associated with an excess of things to do. The workshop used the methods and tools of Getting Things Done by David Allen. Participants will gain knowledge of certain methods of effective organization of their own work and gain the ability to apply their own actions in practice.

Coach: Michael Gladysz


ABC writing grant applications

Participation in the training will help answer the questions: where to find sources of funding? What are the common errors when writing applications? What are the European standards in the creation of applications?
What are the elements consists of proposals and what is their content? What criteria determine the support received? Who can apply for a subsidy? How to increase your chances of being funded?
Thanks to the workshops in the training, participants acquire skills: discrimination, evaluation and analysis of the different elements of applications and content, discrimination and analysis of formal and substantive criteria under which verified the accuracy of written proposals and the perception of differences and similarities between different institutions dofinansowujących applications.

Coach: Joanna Święcicka – Lyszczarz


How to stop being your own enemy, that is what NLP offers

Stress from work, at work and after work. Lack of motivation and critical thinking everywhere – who have not experienced? Can you handle yourself with these and similar problems? How to consciously shape a good relationship with other people and enjoy everyday life? Is there a recipe for effectively dealing with difficult situations? Always worth a look for its own “recipe for life”, so why not try it in practice what NLP offers? What is Neuro-linguistic programming, and when and how you can control your own personal development – the training, participants will learn during the intensive group and individual exercises.

Trainer: Eve Palczak


POLES ideas about retirement, but the reality, or how to help clients avoid “painful collision” with the reality?

Training for specialists in insurance companies and investment instruments that offer long-term investment and pension products. The training is:
Getting the current knowledge about the risks of an aging population and its low activity. Understanding the impact of these processes for the future of pension systems, labor market and business environment. Understanding the “customer world” and the contradictions between his expectations and procedures. Formulating sales arguments for investing in long-term programs based on their knowledge about aging. Acquisition of skills in those arguments in a conversation with a customer.

Coach: Andrzej Cieplak