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Motivation and motivating

Creation of mission, vision, objectives and organizational culture, attitudes modeling subordinates, reinforcing the positive and negative motivation by objectives. Instruments of non-wage incentives. Typical mistakes made by drivers.


Business Negotiation

Building self-efficacy in the negotiation, formation of the authority through verbal and nonverbal techniques, training, ability to define their own strategies and recognition strategies used by a partner in negotiations.


Harassment in the organization

Characteristics of the phenomenon and its main protagonists: the aggressor and the victim. Practical exercises and ways to recognize bullying prevention. The legal aspect phenomena and issues related to liability arising from the Labour Code. Politics of anti-mobbngowa in the organization.


Management Team

Application of knowledge of the learning organization in the team’s work. Ways to induce and develop team synergy. Techniques of extraction of individual potential employee and use it in team work. Personality typology and the occupied roles in the team. Methods of effective teamwork.


Conflict management

Genesis of any conflict in the workplace. Negotiation and mediation between the warring parties. Techniques of creative influence and conflict resolution. Positive and negative developments of the conflict and their implications for the organization.


Creative thinking and creative problem-solving

Practical workshops during which participants will learn methods and techniques for solving problems whose goal is to bring new, original, and above all useful ideas for themselves. Participants focus on their creative abilities and skills to develop working individually and in teams.


Mandatory training for companies in the health and safety, conducted by authorized inspectors.