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The situation of women in the labor market, opportunities and threats

During the training will be presented data on the employment situation of women, their functioning in practice, criteria for evaluating women’s work, the promotion system and its role in enterprises.
Will present specific characteristics and skills of women, giving them an advantage over men, and predisposing them to exercise certain professions. Discussed and illustrated exercises will be threats to women in the workplace.

Coach: Anna Niedziółka


Harassment in the workplace with particular emphasis on women’s role in the phenomenon of violence

Training based on the mini-lectures and practical exercises is designed to sensitize us to the phenomenon of bullying, equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to recognize this type of violence as well as measures to protect themselves in case of direct aggression, as well as how the reaction and support in a situation where violence shall be made before our eyes.

Coach: Anna Niedziółka


Course PR blitz for their own business

As with a small financial outlay promote their own business, create a recognizable brand and a positive corporate image in the eyes of customers? Participants will learn basic principles of strategy and learn how to practice using selected tools and techniques of PR. After training they will know how to write eye-catching text and what to avoid to not get ahead of the competition.

Trainer: Eve Palczak


Stress and Burnout

Training in the practical elements of stressful situations show us their reactions to certain events and ways to neutralize or sharpen their own reactions. Another word, will present methods of dealing with the inevitable stress in the workplace. Will also be presented the effects of prolonged exposure to stress situation and consequences for the organism.
Discussed will also be accompanying symptoms of professional burnout and ways to cope with the situation.

Coach: Anna Niedziółka


Power – reserved for men? Object of Desire! The greatest aphrodisiac!

Who governs us, and why? Do men have significantly more predisposed to governance? Why do not we go? What laws governed by the authority? When it becomes dangerous and for whom? How to rid of it?

Coach: Anna Niedziółka


How to successfully apply for a dream job?

The training includes a practical lesson in writing a CV and cover letter shows the most common mistakes made by job candidates. Participants will learn the principles of good self-presentation and will have the opportunity to practice practicing their skills during a simulated interview under the guidance of an experienced trainer and other participants of the course. Thanks to the participation in the training will be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, thereby helping to even better prepare for contact with a potential employer.

Coach: Anna Niedziółka